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    The builder of fences


    The builder of fences

    Post by renukakkar on Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:46 pm

    Two brothers, both farmers, lived opposite each other. Family bonds had been very strong but due to an altercation, the friendliness has made way to open hostility..

    The position between the two became so bad that each would strive to out manouver the other.
    One day the younger brother managed to divert the big stream that was flowing in front of the two houses to flow between the two houses.

    The elder brother did not like this thinking that it was a deliberate attempt to ensure that his fields would receive too much water causing damage to the crops. The younger one had made a little embankment towards his side to prevent such a mishap. The elder one thought of fencing up the entire area so that his younger brother could not look into his area.

    A carpenter was passing by and enquired if there was any work ....

    "Of Course there is work for you here," replied the farmer.. "All you have to do is make a fence of sturdy wooden planks on this side of the big stream, Can you do it? " he added.

    "Yes I can," was the reply.."I am a builder of fences."

    I have to go to the market and will be back by evening,Is there anything you require?" enquired the farmer.

    "Yes, nails ,planks, wood and anything else i want i will manage with my saw." replied the carpenter.

    The farmer got him all the things that were required and drove off towards the market to attend to urgent work.

    Meanwhile, the carpenter worked morn to dusk with the wooden planks, wood pieces and nails sometimes cutting the wood sometimes cutting the planks and sometimes hammering away as he joined the planks with the help of the wood. Finally his job was done.

    The farmer/elder brother returned and just looked and looked with amazement at the work done by the carpenter...There was no fence but a wooden bridge over the big stream connecting his house to his brothers house..
    He could not say anything to the carpenter as his younger brother was crossing the wooden bridge with arms outstreatched and tears in his eyes...

    The elder brother also went up the bridge to meet his brother half way. The younger one was sobbing un controllably and saying, "I misbehaved and tried to harm you in all ways and you went out of the way to make this bridge to connect our houses, please forgive me."

    And where was our friend, the carpenter? He had packed up his things to take up some other assignment of bridging the fences, in the literal sense.. Smile


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    Re: The builder of fences

    Post by chi_solas on Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:06 am

    renu you always have wonderful
    stories to share, Thanks cheers

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