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    A Magical Christmas Tree


    A Magical Christmas Tree

    Post by renukakkar on Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:20 am

    A Christmas gift from me to all on Reikilearninglounge.....a poem i wrote today Smile

    No money for a christrmas tree,
    David's mother said before christmas eve.
    Many bills there are she said,
    which have soon to be paid.

    David a boy of 9 years reached the woods,
    some distance from his house and in wonder he stood.
    Fir trees a plenty he there found,
    some big some small all around.

    But how to cut one he stood in thought,
    the axe was big so he had not brought.
    under a fir tree which had less snow,
    beneath it he sat nice and slow.

    There were some twigs lying around,
    he picked up one to strike the ground.
    Suddenly a small old man in white appeared,
    having a tapering hat and a long beard.

    He did not look like Santa but was kind,
    David felt that help he now would find.
    To get a fir tree home real fast,
    and surprise his mom at last.

    His story to the stranger he told in detail,
    the stranger said he would help without fail.
    A small tree nearby he told David to pull and see,
    this little tree will follow you home you see.

    David had never heard of this before,
    magical things happen to good children for sure.
    The little tree he tied with a string,
    so that towards home it be following.

    Being a good boy the stranger he thanked,
    a story like this no one would have heard.
    Some bells followed him home ringing,
    as if a message they were singing.

    Reaching home he straightened the tree,
    He was taken by surprise at what all he could see.
    The tree grew big and had a glow,
    like the one beneath which he had sat slow.

    By magic the tree got itself decorated,
    with lights,presents, balls and anything imaginative.
    he heard bells from behind the tree,
    Rudolf the reindeer of Santa he could see.

    A very happy child that day was David,
    when his mother saw the tree he had decorated.
    Miracles happen for the nice and good,
    Christmas time is indeed when it should.

    renu kakkar 24.12.2010

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    Re: A Magical Christmas Tree

    Post by kaytan on Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:11 am

    Smile thanks!
    merry Christmas
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    Re: A Magical Christmas Tree

    Post by LightBody on Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:14 am

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All.

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    Re: A Magical Christmas Tree

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