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    Sociology 'Oneness of gang consciousness'

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    Sociology 'Oneness of gang consciousness'

    Post by chi_solas on Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:16 am

    Pachamama wrote:Just reading those links you posted again Wayne.....

    haven't read all your blog sections...but one thing that comes to mind for me when thinking of gangs..is that 'oneness of gang consciousness' that comes to the fore in riot situations.

    I remember reading one of Betty Shine's book years ago about mind waves. When we go to a music concert, the whole audience becomes 'synchronised' energetically, instead of individual experience, it becomes a 'collective' experience. By way of entrainment, brain waves of a mass group become synchronised.. It's the same thing in a riot situation....the masses become synchronised to the dominant energetic stimulant occuring at the time...thats why so many 'non criminal' folk, can easily get swept along in the furore of a riot.

    When I go into some towns and cities, after living in such a beautiful part of Britain for so long, I can immediately 'feel' the different vibe in the air. Because the dominant external stimulant in a lot of towns and cities is quite an oppressive, heavy and depressing vibe. years ago my home town felt magical and beautiful...now it feel full of depressing heavy energy....it's riddled with crime and probably has the greatest number of drug addicts per square meter than any other town in Britain!!

    I live in the middle of a national park....it's big wide open expanses of nature have a temendous healing quality, it impacts the pyche and physical body immediately!...the dominant energetic stimulant here is nature......and people become synchronised to that vibe....

    In towns and cities the dominant energetic stimulants...are sound waves from 'modern town and city life'and detrimental invisible waves from 'modern technology' and human mind waves.....add all that to the lack of freedom people are experiencing in this 'modern world'........and it's a time bomb that I'm amazed hasn't exploded sooner!

    ( perhaps you should split this post off into another domain.....cos I'm thinking more about 'gang/mass consciousness' now instead of individual sociopathy of psychopathy...)

    I was writing a few things down at work the other day...I used to keep journals/diaries for many years...but haven't done so for a few years.....anyway the other day I felt the urge to write......and write I did....some very intersting ideas produced themselves on the paper..I started thinking about a dream I had a few years ago involving some sacred sites......and how the vibrational quality of these sites spread out and impact the structure of the earth. I started thinking about ways in which we can create new 'sacred sites' ie: places of beneficial high frequency energy.... in our towns and cities. Instead of spending thousands of pounds erecting selected art work that is asthetically pleasing......our two planners /councils etc..... should start thinking about the health giving benefits of art.

    I watched a programme the other day with a chap cycling around Britain to visit pieces of art....one installation was in the hills above the valley where my old home town is.....it was a beautiful creation of pipes set out in a way so as to catch the wind and create beautiful sounds..... now if a little more thought was given to the healing quality of the vibration of these sound waves......then what a fantastic tool for health of the masses this could be!!

    most of our buildings in towns and cities are made from stone....stone which has many quartz crystaline properties....if we installed some kind of stone.....( I imagine a huge stone egg...a 'cosmic egg' hehe) in our town centres.. to be honest when I was on one writing alsorts of ideas down....I saw a huge crystal encased inside a stone egg... if we had something like this, in our town centres, an energy power point from which a particular beneficial energetic vibration could emanate...then that dominat external stimulant would not only effect the same vibration in the crystaline structure of many of our buildings....but also impact the whole area and the people who lived there.

    The properties of crystals are amazing....without quartz crystal none of us would be communicating via this machine now....I suspect that with the correct kind of scientifc research the properties of crystal can be utilised to help humanity in a very simple but very real way!

    Art and architecture... that creates beneficial energetic vibrations that Lift the spirit and feed the soul!.... Help the masses by creating health giving dominant external eneregtic stimulus, so any entrainment will be for the greater good... To infinity and beyonddddddddddd!! ahaa

    okay I waffled on again, sorry to go off on a tangent on this very inetersting thread..I should have popped this somewhere els. geek

    Mob mentality is a different discussion.

    This oneness stimula that you bring forth
    is important for practitioner's to under-
    stand when assisting a client. The outside
    stimulation from our environment has a lot
    to do with our inner self. My adult children
    are constantly reminding me how different it
    is to live in a rural setting vs the city they
    grew up that has become overpopulated due to
    University expansion, causing gridlock etc. affraid

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    Re: Sociology 'Oneness of gang consciousness'

    Post by Pachamama on Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:56 am

    thanks for moving this Bridget Cool

    A lady from New Zealand came into the art gallery where I work last week...she'd been to a few different places round Great Britain...she just couldn't get over how crowded it was, too many people everywhere!!!! we are definately over populated on this small land mass! Even though it;s stunning where I live....it still gets bombarderd with tourists.....it's impossible to go for a solitary walk here in summer...you bump into ten thousand other people going for a 'quiet stroll'.... as a family we tend to go for a peaceful walk at dusk ( my favourite time of the day)... it's when all the touroids are coming down off the fells to get ready for their evening meal. And the deep winter months are especially fantastic because it really is a solitary walk at that time of year...Bliss I love you

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