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    Hey folks not been here for a while stumbled accros an article i wrote a while back, thought it might be of some help to the good people of rll, although not directly about reiki Wink
    The Rising Kundalini

    In the Kashmir region of India, for thousands of years yogis practiced Kundlini yoga. From the Tantric Yoga texts of India, the yogis worked with mantra, meditation, chanting, breathing and the classic poses, centric to the practice, is the journey of rising kundalini, the journey of the soul. The science of the kundalini and its rising have been known throughout the ages, integral to the teachings of the Chinese Taoists and alchemists, Tibetan Buddhism, Hebrew mystics and Shamans from all over the planet. They all held the powerful knowledge of the rising energy held within each living soul.

    The symbolization of the serpent is held throughout our history, the caduceus, said to be the symbol of Hippocrates “The father of medicine”, and is now adopted by many as the symbol of medicine. Together, Ida and Pingala form the snakes of the caduceus; the Sushumna forms the staff or rod. Great similarities may be drawn between the rising serpents and the double helix of DNA inside virtually all living beings.

    Esoteric and indigenous cultures all over the world hold the snake with great respect, a powerful totem, representing the cycle of life, fertility, transformation, and healing. The form and forward motion of the snake is said to represent the connection between heaven and earth, as is the journey of the Kundalini, connecting our earthly energy to our heavenly energy, an alignment that can take many years and is not without symptom.

    When we look to the bible, we see that Moses yielded a rod, through which God demonstrated divine and miraculous powers, showing us what may be channeled through an earthly soul and indeed a spiritual aid. When in the wilderness God spoke to Moses, asking of God, some spiritual authority, a sign by which he could recognize, as been sent by God to accomplish the tasks to which God had appointed him. Moses held in his hand a rod, God asked Moses to cast the rod to the ground, as Moses cast the rod to the ground the rod became a serpent. We can see throughout the story of Moses, our creator demonstrating the miraculous occurrences through Mosses and the rod.

    The ancient teachings of Yoga have brought comprehensive and insightful testimony about the potential spiritual energy of the serpent. The dormant energy of the kundalini rests until awakened, spontaneously or purposefully, at the base of the spinal column. Activating this remarkable spiritual energy opens a powerful connection with your own divinity and to the divine. An ancient process of psycho-spiritual purification, spiritual enlightenment, and psychic connection.

    Whilst it is not entirely integral that we connect the rising kundalini with any particular spiritual authority, the teachings of yoga and energy healing can bring technical enlightenment. Out of the many thousands of Nadis or energy channels that reside within our subtle bodies it is the, Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna (often referred to as the silver cord) that are central to the kundalini, Ida is the channel that holds the energy to the left and Pingala to the right. Sushumna flows in the centre of both, flowing upwards and downwards through the chakras.

    The first steps to a peaceful and purposeful kundalini awakening, is achieving balance between the Ida and Pingala Nadis, equal amounts of energy flowing up the right and left channels, when this is achieved our being is in balance, we are centered, this in itself will bring harmony to our subtle bodies, and tremendous health benefits. Breath balancing based meditation is they key to achieving balance between the Ida and Pingala Nadis.

    Once you become experienced in balancing the energy between the Ida and Pingala, and experiencing the pure joy and inner peace that such a meditation can bring. The next natural phase is the flow of the energy in the Sushumna. It is from this point that we may experience a full and blissful kundalini awakening, and perhaps one of the most fundamental spiritual journey’s we may experience.

    Whilst many may follow the traditional path of the kundalini awakening and rising, a journey that may yield divine joy and enlightenment, for others the energy arises spontaneously. An occurrence that maybe unexpected or undesired, if left unsupported may experience many years of intense healing and balancing, as the energy travels through the chakras meeting many blockages, issues and memories on the path to a full rising. The key to a peaceful and enlightening kundalini experience is awareness, to know and hold the knowledge that the awakening has begun, the healing and momentous journey has commenced, it is integral that we work directly with the transcendent energy embracing the truth of our unity with the Divine.

    The symptoms of the awakening Kundalini are diverse and varies in intensity and duration. The feeling of intense energy, heat, electricity running up the spine, Spontaneous jerking or shaking, intense feelings of cold in the body, are a few of the common physical symptoms, or it may be that very little physical symptom will be felt, or so subtle is the symptom, that they may be hard to identify. These experiences may feel similar to the flow of energy moving up the Sushumna, the energy is very different, it holds greater depth, aiding greater movement toward divine bliss and enlightenment.

    It is not uncommon that one may experience psycho-spiritual symptoms, you maybe more inclined to mood swings and emotional shifts, feelings of confusion, increased sensitivity to inner colours and lights, seeing the subtle body with greater clarity, experience unexpected waves of spiritual, creative or intellectual insight.

    The negative and positive symptoms you may incur can be dependant on your prior preparation, clearing, balancing, and healing. Integral to reaching the desired state of divinity, is how we greet the journey, if it is met with joy and gratitude, our journey will be abundantly filled with joy. Whether or not you are visual person or experienced in meditation, Peace and Balance are integral to the free flowing of this momentous spiritual energy.

    If you find the energy overwhelming, focus on developing a simple routine based around gentle meditative breath work. Fifteen minutes gentle breath based mediation can bring much needed balance, drawing grounding energy from the earth, releasing the over stimulated shadow energy, assisting in clearing blockages held within the chakras. Purification of the system is equally important abstain from unhealthy foods and substances, consuming protein rich foods and plenty of fresh water. As with all powerful healing and enlightening experiences, grounding is essential, to all who are experiencing this healing force, connecting with energies of the earth can bring much needed balance.

    For those experiencing the kundalini rising form the crown chakra into the eighth chakra and above, you may find the physical symptoms somewhat unusual, as the energy, almost like an electrical charge flows from your physical body to the non physical, it can give powerful confirmation, of our active twelve chakra system, but only if we are following the serpents journey. To minimize the effects that we may deem uncomfortable visualization and connection with the journey are fundamental, working with the energy as it makes connection to our eighth chakra brings a truly unique and special spiritual connection. As we reach our eighth chakra, positioned above our crown chakra, we will find the home of our divine love, of our spiritual compassion, where we will find our karmic residue.

    This may only be achieved if you have experienced and full kundalini rising, you may also find that as your being moves into a period of greater light, working in a higher frequency, the rising kundalini may take us back to another stage within the journey. It may feel a little tiresome to repeat some of these stages again, but it essential in bringing your entire being in direct alignment.

    The awakening ninth chakra is truly a powerful experience, a celestial connection is made to all past incarnations, we may profoundly connect to the blueprint of our soul, gaining insight and connecting to the gifts we held through all incarnations.

    As the rising energy reaches our tenth chakra we may again yield each of the gifts re discovered within our ninth chakra, working with these skills for the greater good.

    For those approaching the rising within the eleventh chakra, you will not only, truly comprehend the non locality of our universe but live in divine accordance to our universal law.

    Reaching the twelfth chakras on the serpent’s journey brings direct connection to the cosmos, our creator and beyond. A level of divinity that brings about the ascension of an earth bound soul to realms of an ascended being.

    We live in truly remarkable times, where more souls than ever before are experiencing the rising kundalini, not even in the times of Atlantis did we see a global awakening to this magnitude, the numbers involved at this time, are quite simply unique. Our collective kundalini rising is aiding a global cosmic awakening. Our planet, has spectacularly experienced a full and vital rising, may we support her and send her our healing and prayers, she is now continuing to clear, balance and ground, as she prepares to as we do become fully ascended and connected to the divine energy held within the upper chakras, and indeed the higher realms.

    Truly remarkable is the period in which we live, one that will be marked in history on biblical scale, with a little simple knowledge and understanding our global and planetary ascension and rising kundalini can be greatly assisted. The key to a peaceful and enlightening kundalini experience, no matter where you are on this momentous journey, is awareness, to know and hold the knowledge that the awakening has begun, the healing has commenced. To work directly with her transcendent power of Consciousness, and embrace the truth of our unity with the Divine.


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    That's a wonderful find. Thank you for sharing.

    Did you know that Mystress Angelique setup a new Kundalini forum?

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    Ah bless you she was published couple of years ago now, so should be safe to put her on the internet.....will check out the forum ...Ta

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