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    When reiki feels really uncomfortable



    When reiki feels really uncomfortable

    Post by benjamin17 on Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:14 pm


    I am very new to Reiki (less than one month since Reiki one) and I just gave myself a 30 min Reiki treatment. When around the area of my head the energy felt really uncomfortable and even gave me a headache. At the same time though, it felt like intuitively my hands needed to stay there (even now I have the urge to continue treating it). The sensation of heat and fire was huge and really uncomfortable.

    Is this normal? Could I be doing something wrong? I was told Reiki never does harm, but this felt really uncomfortable at the time. Now I feel pretty spaced out but deeply relaxed at the same time, and have much more clarity in the head.

    If this uncomfortable feeling is normal, how do you deal with it when treating others and they react badly? Is there anything that can be done to lesson the symptoms?



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    Re: When reiki feels really uncomfortable

    Post by Milarepa on Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:16 am

    Warm Welcome!

    Reiki never does harm. Arrgghhh. not getting at you, but I don't know this!!!! Absence of a fact, occurence, or even and awareness does not mean no-thing exists! Besides, tell it to the organisms Reiki is a catalyst for destroying. Haha!

    Sometimes a person can feel symptoms develop that they either never had, or were less severe. It may be such things like toxins. Reiki ain't working like western medicine only. Masking symptoms. It will tackle what needs to be. Which can be symptoms, causes, or both.

    Warmest wishes


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    Re: When reiki feels really uncomfortable

    Post by chi_solas on Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:47 pm

    Benjamin, Welcome to RLL bounce
    Reiki sessions are usually never the same.
    Each day you have different experiences,
    so the Reiki session should reflect that.
    Always prepare your Reiki environment.
    It should have a relaxed atmosphere and
    it helps to have a little lavender oil
    fragrance some folks use sage. A client
    or friend will experience Reiki different
    than you did as our needs are different.
    When you practice on different people,pets
    or plants you will begin to notice difference. sunny

    Keep practicing and remember to also practice
    the 5 precepts every day study

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    Re: When reiki feels really uncomfortable

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