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    A Request for Energy and Prayer for Gary from Marni Hall

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    A Request for Energy and Prayer for Gary from Marni Hall

    Post by chi_solas on Sun May 24, 2009 9:44 am

    Folks I received this email today from Marni Hall

    A Request for Energy and Prayer for Gary


    My husband Gary West fell last Sunday night in the kitchen, The EMT people came and checked him immediately and he refused to go to the hospital. They said it looked like a bone bruise as he had full movement in his leg and no obvious signs of a break.

    I had scheduled with the VA to bring him to the emergency room at the VA today (Saturday) for an x-ray as he was still in pain in the week following the fall, however he fell twice yesterday afternoon in the living room while I was at work. He called the office to tell me what had happened and that he could not move. I called 911 and had an ambulance pick him up. He was taken to the nearest hospital, North Cypress Medical Center. He has been admitted to room 4301. The did an X-ray, no fractures showed up however they decided to also do a CAT scan which showed 4 fractures in his hip. We have no idea if it was first fractured on Sunday or not but we do know it is fractured now. This is the same hip he broke several years ago and has 3 steel pins in it.

    The doctor said he will remove the three pins and put a piece of metal across the hip that will stabilize and support the hip better. They have done all his pre op work up and are now waiting for an operating room to do the surgery today.

    Of course with his medical history they will have to manage him carefully afterwards, he can not have any narcotics. I have to speak with the business office about transferring him to the VA as soon as possible afterwards for the recovery aspect. I am on my way to the hospital now.

    Keep him in your prayers and for those of you who can send energy please do so. All prayers are appreciated.

    Love, Mari

    Gary West- Room 4301
    North Cypress Medical Center
    2214 Northwest Freeway
    Houston, Texas 77429

    Phone :832-912-3500, Room 4301

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