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    daily routine of reiki person.

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    Re: daily routine of reiki person.

    Post by Lambs-Wool on Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:17 pm

    hi Vijay Smile

    certainly an interesting question you have floated on board Smile

    i found someone quoting here the term "spiritual materialism" and i liked it...

    practicing finding our inner side is most commonly a non-routine activity.... infact we very gradually make our mind settled on the things and practices like these... whenever we start something, like some breathing exerice, some mantra, some meditation, etc.... we start finding an internal resistance, obvious or latent, and sometimes it is hard to overcome that internal resistance, so mostly we give time to things to settle upon....

    thats why it is always comfortable to give gaps to these rituals...

    secondly, it depends on the particular mindset of the people involved... some people dedicate life to these practices... and very soon they sorta develop an obsession or craving for daily exerices.... and by all means, that is something very special...

    for common lot, like me, reiki has its place in life, as well as other related disciplines/practices/etc. have... but i seldom find myself so disciplined to do daily exercises....

    plus, i do them for the sheer pleasure of them, and not for any objective pre-set in mind. times i get up half way in the night... do meditation, breathing... times i get up early in the morning, walk on earth nacked feet, watch the sun rising, hear the chirping of birds.....

    times i self-treat myself, times i give reiki to universe, to my home, my city, locality and my country... times i give reiki to people who have asked for it.... and, what missed, yeah, times i get up at nights for reiki, but just settle down listneing some good music or instrumentals, and sleep again without doing any reiki Smile

    take care


    Re: daily routine of reiki person.

    Post by vijaybali on Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:22 am

    Dear Lambs-Wool

    your word is as natural as you are.

    keep it up.

    thanks and regards
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    Re: daily routine of reiki person.

    Post by chi_solas on Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:52 pm

    The Reiki system came to me when I
    had the time to focus and engage with
    its natural energy. Even if I don't
    have a disciplined routine. Reiki is
    always with me. I do begin and end my
    day with self Reiki. I am more aware
    of it on days that I give /teach Reiki sunny

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    Re: daily routine of reiki person.

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