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    Post by Milarepa on Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:14 am

    Any of you UK folks watch 'Paradox' on BBC earlier?

    A guy was to make a presentation at work, his job was on the line. His wife & him were already so very, very afraid leading up to this moment. He fluffed the presentation, and lost his job, even with his teraful pleas. He was already losing his house, and his daughter was quite sick also. So, he went to go home, via train, obviously very upset. We can imagine what his house would be like that night when he came home...

    Just as he was dialijg his wife to tell her, the train he was in was involved in a major accident. Many lives were lost. He survived. He went home that night, and his wife & daughter rushed into his arms, so happy & releived he was alive!

    Instead of heartache & worry over losing the job, and losing the house, there was uncontrolable love, joy & appreciation, for the things that ultimately matter to a fmaily most. Them remaining together.

    Perspective, the place from which we view things is so, so important. There was a profound spiritual message/lesson in that program tonight.

    Take care

    "That which is able to save your body and soul is naohi given by God". Onisaburo Deguchi.

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