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    Guidelines for Posting, Profiles and Signatures

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    Guidelines for Posting, Profiles and Signatures

    Post by LightBody on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:10 pm

    Ethical Reiki Communication

    Reiki has a strong tendency to attract individuals who seek healing for themselves, and who have the desire to help others heal. It is important that members of The Reiki Learning Lounge recognize that each person participating here is doing so as a means to further their desire for healing, both for themselves as an individual and for others.

    The way that we communicate to each other has an effect on each person's healing process, so let us strive to speak to each other in an ethical manner that helps the other person heal through and beyond the ailment or pain from which they seek healing.

    Let's strive to be as ethical as possible to each person who makes a contribution here in a professional, in a humane, Reiki way.

    Your Profile and Signature

    One characteristic that makes Reiki unique among other holistic energy-work healing methods is that every Reiki student has the opportunity to become a Reiki Teacher. Many who take a Reiki level 1 class continue through to a Reiki Master class, and if one then advertises their Reiki services in an online forum such as The Reiki Learning Lounge, it makes for an awful lot of Reiki teachers letting other Reiki teachers know that they are Reiki teachers. The same concept applies to Reiki Practitioners, because once someone has the Reiki Level 1 certification, in most cases they can open their own Reiki practice and begin providing Reiki services at a professional level.

    The best way to establish your credentials as a Reiki Practitioner or Teacher is not to overwhelm forums with posts that contain links to your Reiki website, but rather to establish a local practice and allow that practice to grow while also demonstrating your knowledge and practice of Reiki through a venue such as The Reiki Learning Lounge.

    Participating online in a Reiki forum is a great way to interact with other Reiki professionals from around the world, but if you are seeking to grow your practice by attracting new students in forums, you will eventually become disappointed because there are more Reiki Practitioners and Teachers in the forums than those seeking to learn Reiki from the beginning.

    Active online participation at The Reiki Learning Lounge is an excellent way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher to others, because here you can make a lasting impression as to who you are and what Reiki energies flow through you.

    Please complete your profile and let our community know more about you. If possible, please provide an actual photograph of yourself, or if you choose to use a symbolic avatar, then please have a photograph of yourself on your website. We are real people here at The Reiki Learning Lounge, and photographs of each other help us connect to one another.

    Your profile page has a field that allows a website link to be included. You are welcome to link to any site that fits within our posting guidelines and terms of service. We do not allow links to other forums.

    While you are a new member of the Reiki Learning Lounge, please keep your signature either blank, or if you are compelled to include links, then they must be live websites (no dead links or under-construction pages) and a prominent link to The Reiki Learning Lounge MUST be present. When you decide to add a signature, please keep it plain text, containing no more than three links, and no more than three lines. If the posts of a member appear to be solely for the purpose of promoting a website, those links will be removed without notice.

    A prominent reciprocal link to The Reiki Learning Lounge is required if you wish to post a link in your signature. Our banner may be found here: http://www.reikilearninglounge.com/reiki-general-f24/forum-banner-link-t168.htm?highlight=banner

    In summary:

    • Please post a recent photograph of yourself for your avatar. It is not required, but appreciated when you do so.
    • We do not allow links to other forums, and all links must fit within our guidelines.
    • Signatures must be in plain text, no more than three lines, and contain a maximum of three links.

    Link Guidelines

    Posting Guidelines

    • Messages that may be interpreted as aggressive, coarse, slanderous, include personal insults, vulgar, and just plain rude are expressly prohibited.
    • Messages that promote illegal practices are prohibited.
    • Do not post beyond fair-use copyright laws. If and when you post a quote from someone (from a book, other website, or other form of communication media), cite the source. Name the source of the material, provide a link to the authors website and if possible, a direct link to the article.
    • Please do not re-post messages.
    • Please make the effort to use your best English grammar and spelling. If you post in a language other than English, please provide an English translation.
    • Please do not use SMS -style language (ex: r u sk8ing?).
    • Signatures must have no more than three links, those sites must be live (no dead pages or sites under construction) and each site must contain a link to The Reiki Learning Lounge.

    No matter what your level of experience and training in Reiki, strive to improve your communication skills as a Reiki Healer or a Reiki Teacher.

    Communicate in positive way that helps a person feel good about learning something new, or seeing things in a new way.

    Role of Admin & Moderators

    The Admin & Moderators of The Reiki Learning Lounge reserve the right to edit or remove offensive messages as soon as possible and without notice or reason to the member who made the post or other members.

    The Admin & Moderators of The Reiki Learning Lounge also reserve the right to ban any member without notice or reason to the member.

    All messages here express the opinion and understanding of the person who made the post, and do not reflect the personal beliefs or opinions of the Administrators or Moderators.

    Not all offensive messages will be removed because each person involved in Reiki is at a level of healing unique to their needs, and as Reiki Healers we must strive to help the others grow. The person who makes an initially offensive post may be expressing internal pain, or they may be sending us a message that they are in need of healing through that pain. Sometimes, a seemingly offensive message is a cry for help, a request for Reiki healing--and the Administrators and Moderators like to believe all of us are here to help each other heal.

    The preference of all staff is to allow healthy discussions to grow. Extreme measures, such as banning a member, will only be taken if deemed absolutely necessary.

    This is a healthy Reiki forum with many truly beautiful and wonderful members. Each keystroke is the opportunity to allow a bit of Reiki energy to flow through the keyboard and touch each member here.

    Let's keep this a peaceful healing environment by being in the present moment, practicing Reiki, being open to change, and allowing Reiki radiate through our heart to the hearts of others.


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