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    Do you feel a breeze ;-)

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    Do you feel a breeze ;-)

    Post by chi_solas on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:09 am

    Perfect topic for a chill out section.As
    I was writing my book and re-capturing
    my hospital experience. I decided to find
    out what the origin of the hospital johnny
    was. I found out that the nurses refer to
    them as ICU. Some folks believe that the
    name johnny came from being able to use
    the "john" with ease when wearing them.
    Since 1898( the earliest photo of a patient
    wearing a johnny)has been resented and
    endured for generations. until recently
    these peek a boo gowns are becoming obsolete.
    I believe the article below was 2003. I have
    to say I have not seen any fancy designed
    johnny's in the hospitals that I've visited.
    People still wear 2 to cover themselves study

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Maine Medical Center has redesigned its hospital gown after discovering that Muslim women accustomed to being fully covered were skipping appointments to avoid wearing the immodest garment.

    The old "johnny," as the garment is known, leaves a patient's backside and legs exposed. The new gown, which became available this summer, fully covers patients.

    "This is a great example of a challenge raised by a specific community that can ultimately benefit all patients," said Dana Farris Gaya, manager of interpreter and cross-cultural services.

    Maine Medical administrators decided they had to act last November after the hospital identified a high no-show rate for Muslim women from African countries, particularly Somalia.

    As many as three out of 10 women were skipping their appointments, said Osman Hersi, a medical interpreter at the hospital.

    Tracked down at home, the women described the horror of being asked to wear the revealing gowns during outpatient procedures and while waiting in a hallway in the radiology department. Islam teaches modesty in dress, and the women said the gowns went against their religious and cultural beliefs.

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