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    The Purpose of Reiki

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    The Purpose of Reiki Empty The Purpose of Reiki

    Post by Milarepa Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:23 pm

    Colin wrote:Q: What is Reiki?

    A: Reiki is a primordial consciousness that was present from the start and infuses all creation. Its purpose is to organise and balance all that is. It has been misunderstood by many as the animating force – life force energy – but it is not so. The life force energy has many names e.g. Prana, Ki, Qi, Mana, Holy Spirit etc. but Reiki acts upon these to allow them to function properly and removes blockages and obstacles to balance. In this respect it is similar to Quan Yin/Kannon/Ganesha etc. It is an aspect of the Divine One.

    We cannot do Reiki, we can emanate Reiki and as we do, we raise our vibration and become closer to experiencing our True Nature, who we really are and know that we are God/Universe/Source. We are one pattern in the tapestry of creation – yet all the patterns are linked.

    The patterns are also changing and evolving, through experience and free will. The links can never be broken, although sometimes it can seem that way.

    Imagine a fractal that you can look deep into and see ever more layers, repeating and cycling to infinity. This is how your pattern evolves and changes – going ever deeper and repeating until you can see the pattern and realise that this is what is happening.
    Then something wonderful happens: your pattern shines out among the others and the links are brighter and more obvious to you. But the internal movement stops and you expand to become the whole tapestry. All the patterns are contained within yourself and you are made up of all the possible patterns and join in communion with the Divine One, from whence your human consciousness came. The Reiki and your human consciousness become the Divine Consciousness.

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