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    Tricky situation with the neighbours


    Tricky situation with the neighbours Empty Tricky situation with the neighbours

    Post by Carina_NZ Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:49 am


    please could you give your thougthtful opinions, guidance, and reiki energy to this situation?

    our neighbours are younger than us. 20 somethings. and they work 6 days a week! (or so they told me) and the way they like to wind down at the end of the week is to open all the doors and windows, turn the stereo up loud, and sit outside drinking.

    where it becomes a problem is that their music is full of bass. it's really loud, and the thumping puts my partner (who is not reiki oriented) into anger quite rapidly, and his way to deal with things is to walk /run away immediately.

    i am slower to anger, because its quite frustrating, but this time, i'm sick with the flu and not in the mood. but i'm not a victim either. i am an all powerful being of light! cheers

    we live in a city where there is a noise control division of the council. and i feel so grateful and lucky that we have that system. but they are generally quick fixes.

    i approached the neighbours yesterday and asked them to turn it down. they agreed, but turned it back up. the story of last night continued with noise control, the police, and things being thrown at our house. there is broken bottles on our property.

    we live in the suburbs, there are families all round us. this one house is absolutely fine all week, until Saturday night. then they have their weekly blow out to the detriment of our family, and probably others in the neighbourhood too.

    i've started an affirmation "i have quiet, considerate neighbours:"
    i've put up a bit of a boundary with that affirmation and some reiki symbols.

    what else can i do?
    Would you please send reiki to the situation for a peaceful life for our family?

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