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    great saint


    great saint

    Post by vijaybali on Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:28 am

    hai friends,

    I feel saint is our ideal and who help us in many way some of their kindness we reconised and there is lot more which we not understand but they work like river to give water for everybody for well wishes of mankind .

    There is a big difference between a Paras (a rare kind of stone) and a Saint (Sant). Paras (a stone) with its single touch transforms an iron directly into gold, whereas a true Saint transforms a human being alike Himself just through His concentration.

    The presence of a true Saint on Earth means "An easiest way to realise One Supreme God" whose presence is unknown to the mankind and the only chance for each individual soul to attain permanent liberation from the endless circle of birth-death.

    A true Saint cannot be described into words due to the infinite depth of true spiritual knowledge that flows soothingly into His spiritual discourses. A true Saint himself is a true Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) who has the true self-realisation of “Amarlok” (4th Lok – Real abode of Supreme God) whose existence and presence is beyond the limits of this perishable universe (3 Lok’s). A true Saint himself has attained permanent liberation from the entrapment of Mind (Mann) and Body (Maya) i.e. He attains permanent liberation from the endless circle of birth-death. The real abode of a true Saint is “Amarlok” (4th Lok) which is beyond universe.

    A true Saint (Sant) neither gets involved into Sargun Bhakti nor into Nirgun Bhakti because He is the only single being into this mortal world who completely rules over Mind (Mann) and knows about all the limitations of both Sargun and Nirgun modes of worships which comes under the territory of Kaal Niranjan (Mind). A Saint needs no support of any religious scripture/manuscript to define Pra Bhakti (true worship of One Supreme God). The true knowledge of a Soul (Aatam Gyaan) is only available to a true living Saint because He himself is an ‘Enlightened Soul’. A true Saint leads a very simple life as a normal human being which holds no attraction towards any of the materialistic things present into this mortal world and does not even perform any miracles to the people of the world by showing off His true spiritual powers. A Saint truly rules over Mind and has the complete control over all the evil properties of Mind : Sex, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Ego and leads a truthful life just for the welfare of all the suffering souls who are entrapped into the endless circle of birth-death which is the creation of Kaal Niranjan (Devil Mind - God of Death - Ruling Power of the universe).

    Thanks, love and regards

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